Focus AM is an independent, employee-owned investment firm based in Paris, France. It was founded to manage long-only public equity investment vehicles for a select number of European Industrial Families, and has since opened to institutional investors and family offices.

Our investment approach has 5 simple parts: 
  1. Have a strong affinity with a small number of sectors and business models 
  2. Research the highest quality businesses and if possible develop differentiated insight
  3. Buy only when there is a mispricing (i.e. discount to intrinsic value)
  4. Invest heavily when the opportunity presents itself 
  5. Have very limited activity 
Focus AM, founded by Frédéric Motte and Jerome Archambeaud, is authorized by the French stock exchange regulatory authority (AMF)
under N° GP-11000025.

For further information, please call or email us: 
+(33) 1 40 67 08 75

Focus AM
40, rue La Pérouse
75116 Paris