Focus AM

Focus AM is an independent employee-owned asset management firm based in Paris, France. It was founded to manage long-only public equity investment vehicles for a select number of European Industrial Families, and has since opened to institutional investors and family offices.

"Two things can turn a good business
into an excellent investment:
the price you pay and time."

Frederic Motte

Our culture

The behavior of team members is more important than it's often given credit for. We would describe our team members as being: irrationally passionate (about business and investing), patient, and critical thinkers. This means that everyone on our team thinks of investing as both their biggest hobby, and their job – they love what they do. Everyone on the team is the 'calm and reflective' type. Decisions are made slowly with open-mindedness, thinking through potential outcomes and their impact with a probabilistic mindset. We spend a lot of time questioning -figuring out what the right questions are, and then asking them to relevant people.


Since 2005, an investment strategy validated over multiple market cycles


A diverse group that has worked together long enough
to build lasting trust


A single approach, a single team, two different vehicles
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