Focus One

A portfolio of Global value-creative business models assembled in a way to benefit from the cycle

  • The Fund makes concentrated investments in global multi-cap companies. 
  • The portfolio’s core holdings tend to operate in industries with attractive oligopolistic structure (strong barriers to entry), and benefit from unique and stable competitive advantages. They generally have consistently high returns on capital, with an ability to reinvest at attractive rates of return.
  • Whilst a portion of the portfolio is invested in high Quality business models available at reasonable prices, these are hard to find consistently. We therefore complement this with a number of more traditional Value positions. 
  • The Fund is opportunistic and largely flexible/pragmatic. Our decision to purchase specific stocks is based on a systematic approach and long-term assessments (industry structure, business models, valuation); where and when we chose to look for them (sectors, styles, regions) is based on tactical factors such as our view of the capital cycle and the environment.
Net Asset Value and Performance
I Share LU1333130448    
R Share LU1333130950    
H Share LU1333130794    

(*) Inception I Share: January 22, 2016
Index data : MSCI World Net Returns.
Information concerning the MSCI World is available on  
Other data: Focus AM. 

Past performances are related to past years and are no guarantee of future performance. The recommended investment period is 5 years. This fund is not capital guaranteed. This Fund does not take ESG criteria into account. Information concerning share R are available upon request.

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I Shares: LU1333130448
R Shares: LU1333130950
H Shares: LU1333130794

Currency: Euro

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Open-ended, Luxembourg based subfund of the FOCUS FUNDS SICAV, UCITS V compliant

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