Business Principles

Our business principles are the basis for what makes us unique. We have an international and business-minded corporate culture that is meritocratic. We strive to be pragmatic and process oriented, as opposed to dogmatic. And most importantly, we value operational rigor and transparency to our investors

  • There are two defining characteristics of our team: 1) it is truly international, gathering French, Swiss, Brazilian and American backgrounds, and 2) every member of the team has actual business operating experience. This is reflected in our values, which are global and ‘business-like’ in nature.
  • The firm also has an Anglo-Saxon approach to business management. It is a true meritocracy, with very little traditional hierarchy. We think this is the best way to recruit and retain talented people, which is the best way to continually improve our process and generate performance. 
Portfolio Management
  • We are not limited to a single style of investment because we are pragmatic as opposed to dogmatic. We promote independent thinking, and although we have a clear strategy, this includes being adaptable. 
  • In addition, we prefer to focus on ‘process over outcome’, with a very systematic and disciplined approach. We like things that we can quantify objectively, we try to think probabilistically, and we are actively self-critical, continually trying to learn from mistakes. 
  • We are well aware that sound operations and logistics underpin our funds. As a result, Focus AM works closely with the most recognized experts in regulatory control, trade-processing and IT support. This organization, which has received several awards, allows us to focus exclusively on the management of the funds. 
  • We want our investors to fully understand and be comfortable with our operations and investment strategy, and spend ample time communicating it. Transparency is one of our key tenets, are we are always available to discuss any part of our operations or portfolio management.