Our only Focus: Compounding.

Our firm is built on a simple idea: select twenty companies with structurally high returns on invested capital (that have many opportunities to reinvest that capital at high incremental returns), do not pay too much, and hold on long enough so that their improving fundamentals are reflected in their share price.


Focus AM is an independent employee owned asset management firm based in Paris, France. It was founded to manage long-only public equity investment vehicles for a select number of European Industrial Families, and has since opened to institutional investors and family offices

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Our Culture

We have only one occupation: long term investing in public equities. We stay away from what we don’t understand. We look for simplicity in all aspects of our work.

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Our Investment Approach.

We are long term owners of businesses with structural high returns on capital and ample opportunities to reinvest at similarly attractive returns, thus allowing  them to ‘compound’ earnings.

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Our Funds

We manage two funds: one European (Focus Generation), and the other Global (Focus One).

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